Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Year's part 3! The one in which I go to the Wild West!

Zdraveytey Everyone!

This is the third and theoretically final installment of my New Year’s Eve stuff. Today I’ve decided to write as little as possible and just post a bunch of pictures cataloging my day. A picture is worth a thousand words so I’ve got like a novella over here. It was just Me, Anna and Sasha for most of the day because Suzie and Jared never made it. Boo to you guys!

These are Anna and Sasha. We hung out all day today:

After leaving the hostel we went for a walk through the park:

This is a statue of what I believe to be revolutionaries:

And this was made on the side of it:

The girls wanted to go ice skating so after a big loop around the park we came upon the biggest ice skating rink in the Balkans:

It's pretty big, right?

Too bad it’s not:

It was pretty underwhelming so we went off in search of the Book Fair! But we got marginally side tracked by the concert preparations. Anna and I would be here later that night.

Then something crazy happened… We found Chinatown:

Anyways, we eventually found the Book Fair:

As you can see, Anna was pretty excited about this thing:

I just wanted to show you guys how to spell McDonalds in Cyrillic:

Shortly after that, we came back to the hostel

Here’s the inside of the lobby:

I want to say here that this place is super hard to find if you don’t know want you’re looking for:

Here we just kind of chilled out for a couple hours.

[picture missing]

Then there were more PCV’s!

[picture missing]

Then we fought dragons!!!

[picture missing]

Then we went to see Avatar.

[picture not worth taking]

In the near future, I’m going to go off on Avatar because I’m angry at that movie. That awful, awful movie. But after that we went to an Indian restaurant. Even more after that, we wandered around the city trying to see what other events were taking place other than the one at the concert area. We did not find a place, so we perched ourselves on a wall in a conveniently escapable point. Anna got pudding for dessert:

But there were a TON of people there:

Including this awesome guy:

The concert was pretty great. They had a big Bulgarian pop star and a big Bulgarian folk group performing and it was amazing to see the crowd react better to the folk group. To be fair, though, the folk group WAS the better performance. Anyways, there were of course fireworks.

A little after this, we struggled through the crowd and arrived back in the hostel for a well deserved rest because we had a morning train the next day. Here’s the last photo of the trip:

So I’ll catch you guys later and hopefully this thing will upload properly.

This is the Peace Corps and writing over 25000 words isn’t so hard apparently.



  1. I liked the Avatar picture the best hahahaha

    Well, that awesome skating rink was the BEST!

  2. i'm looking forward to the avatar rant. i saw it recently and want to hear what you thought.


    i really liked avatar, i can't wait to argue with you about how good it was. :D

    Supperrr aweesome traveelss! ♥
    i am sooo proud &coughcoughenvying you!!

    It was cool studying the Europe map for school because it was exciting to know that you're over there!