Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Year's Eve Part 2

Zdraveytey again everyone!

It’s time for part two of the New Years thing. We’ll start from the evening before the 30th because this is where we introduce another character that will prove important to the next day. As a bit of a heads-up, this entry will be like the middle installment in a trilogy: things happen of no consequence. Tomorrow’s entry will be much more interesting. Promise!

So I got back to the Hostel around 9:30ish. I went up to my room and figured that I’d get to bed. Who would I see, other than a familiar face? Actually, I only sort of recognized the face. I met her at the Halloween Party… that didn’t happen. I mean that I could’ve met her at the Halloween Party? So how could I have recognized her if the party never happened… I’ll just go with: I met her at some Peace Corps event.

Anyways, after realizing that we were in the same hostel, we started talking and I found out (for a second time) that her name is Sasha. She’s part of the group of volunteers from before mine. I also met a couple guys from Singapore backpacking across the Middle-East/Eastern Europe. I also met a man from Germany doing something in Bulgaria, but he’s been here enough times to have been to my town at least twice. There was also a high-school senior from America who was vacationing in Bulgaria for one reason or another.

As a side note, here’s a picture of the hostel I stayed in. It’s called Hostel Mostel and it’s apparently one of the best in the world.

I know that seems underwhelming but it IS super freaking nice inside.

Sasha was waiting for a few more people from her group to show up for New Year’s Eve and she was meeting a friend that evening for dinner. She had nothing else to do so I suggested that she come with me and Anna to do whatever it was we were going to do. Too bad we didn’t really have a plan.

So after Anna arrived the next morning, we figured out the plan as follows: First to the PC HQ for medical stuff and reading material. Next to the mall for lunch and the chance to walk around that side of town. Then to see Shelock Holmes (great movie btw). Then to meet Sasha’s friend for dinner.

All except the last part are pretty self-explanatory. Because of this, I’ll just skip to the real adventure: dinner. Somehow, we came to the decision that we wanted Thai food. Remember how I told you about that curse of mine a couple months ago? Well it turns out it might have played a part in us wandering around the south end of Sofia for 2 hours without ever finding this restaurant. Yeah. We walked up and down and went into at least 3 different hotels to figure out where the restaurant is. We also got lost a couple times (one of which was most certainly my fault). There were fire dancers. It was almost a good time.

Eventually we did come upon a restaurant that could’ve been the place. Too bad it was too expensive for our lifestyles. Or something like that. I don’t really remember why we left. Instead we went across the street to the mall and went to a nice Italian place. I also saw kids playing Rock Band. It occurred to me I haven’t played video games on a TV screen in about 7 months. That’s 8 months now. It’s been a while for me. Maybe my hands will actually develop into people hands rather than grabbing claws made to fit a Nintendo control. (One more side note: I just typed Nintendo in lower case and MSWord capitalized the ‘N’ for me. That’s pretty great.)

So my New Year’s Eve Eve was pretty fun. A lot of walking around in a city I haven’t had any experience in. A lot of meeting new people. A lot of me not taking pictures. I remedied that on the next day. So that means catch me tomorrow when I'll show you a bunch of pictures.

This is the Peace Corps and we don’t have the money to sit in your crazy expensive Middle-Eastern restaurant you crazy people.


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