Friday, June 5, 2009

The Town!

Zdraveytey again, folks!

I’m assuming from the lack of responses to my last post that my poo was not as interesting as I thought it was so let’s move on to a different topic. So last time I basically spoke about my home. I’ll also make this post a little shorter so it’s easier to digest. Now let’s talk about Amsterdam and what’s in it.

First, I’d like to say that have photos that prove that I’m actually in the Peace Corps rather than just chilling out at home or something faking it. I do. I just need to upload them to the internetz. That may take some time if the internet trips out like it’s doing right now. Not a big deal.

Well it’s certainly beautiful. I’m currently writing from outside the town center where there is a decent wifi connection. It trips out more than occasionally but it’s reasonably fast. I’m writing from under a tree on the grounds and it is wonderful. To the right of me there are 2 large columns dedicated to the heroes of the town. Across from me is the town municipality containing the mayor’s office, the post office and a couple mini-markets. If you go down either main road, you’ll find farms and animals. Off of these roads you’ll find other not so main roads probably made of either cobblestone remains or dirt. Sometimes the roads are just paths that have two small trenches that the carts will just roll through. Along these paths are more farms and animals. Amsterdam is a town with nothing. No banks, atms or movie theaters, either. It’s a very old fashioned town. The best way to picture this town is to imagine the opening to Beauty and The Beast. The little French town is very similar. I see the same people every morning and they all poke their heads over their fence to say Bonjour. Well Dobro Ootro, anyway. I like it here. I like it and its bazillion tiny farms.

Eventually I plan on making a photo album using one of those online programs so you can see my pictures. I’ll do so once I get an internet connection that I can rely on.

One last thing before I go, I’m going to be touching on a lot of subjects but I want to know what you guys want to read. If you care to, leave a comment with a request and I’ll try to comply.

This is the Peace Corps. It’s like I’m in a Disney musical… or a horror movie.



  1. Tell us about the people! The food! Anything besides your bowels!

    Oh, and about the Disney/horror movie: Start writing the screenplay "Peace Corpse." Go!

  2. Sounds neat. Write whatever, I'll still read it (although I may be cringing).

  3. Yeah i will read whatever you write. Let me know when you meet the beast and fall in love. and watch out for mobs, cuz really there's no justice like mob justice.

  4. I'd love a full Bulgarian grammar, please. Complete with uvular trills. I'm guessing Bulgarian doesn't have uvular trills. Find out for me!


  5. Do people look at you funny because you don't look 'American?'
    Is Bulgarian easy to learn? How fluent are you or are you not, yet?
    Do people ask you more questions about USA or Jamaica once they know that you're from both places?
    ...and yes, please describe more food...especially that delicious roadside sandwich you mentioned on the phone.

  6. @alex

    That you Al Brown?


    Bulgarian totally has uvular trills. Everyone goes around sounding like Chewbacca. Or not. R's have a little trill though.

  7. Hey Zack, I wanted to let you know that I am following your journey and will read whatever is on your mind. I even found the evacuation locations interesting. Didn't you travel to China with the Yap clan? Squatters shouldn't be new to you. Think of it as a workout for your thigh muscles. Anyway, looking forward to new posts.

  8. Did you take any pics with the Slaughterhouse Five yet?

  9. i'm a glutton for punishment. you know that. just write anything. i do wanna know how to pronounce that greeting you keep topping the posts off with, though.

  10. Zdravey Zack!

    As for your post about squat toilets... it was really funny for me so thank you for it!:) I had a fit of laughter. Funny or not it's just the way you wrote about it. There are still such toilets in most bulgarian small villages.

    I will definitely read your journal. I like to read about things that surprise you in positive or negative way. It's always curious to see your culture through the eyes of a person with a completely different cultural background.

    Приятно прекарване в България, Зак!:)
    (Have a great time in Bulgaria, Zack)
    *In case you are still not able to translate it
    ** This is the way your name is spelled in Cyrillic

  11. I want to hear about everything which everyone above has requested. And some other things. That's right, because I am greedy.

    I'm really curious about how everyone responds to your asianness, particularly if there are any differences between how different age groups respond to it.