Friday, June 19, 2009

Permanent Site!

So I found out where we will be spending my next 2 years!

I figure I won't need to hide this from you guys.

I am working in the towns of Septemvri and Varvara.

I'll tell you all more when I have more time.

This is the Peace Corps and they think I'm competent. Joke might be on them


EDIT 6/20: I've got about 400-500 pictures ready to release to you guys slowly. I'll let you guys see them once I get to each point. I'm publicizing the first picture of my satellite site Not-Amsterdam now.


  1. I've started reading your blog. You should be proud. You know this is an accomplishment for my lazy ass :)

  2. So you will be working in these two towns; will your aforementioned farm residence be a hub from which you do said work? Or are you moving around with either a new permanent residence, or without one entirely?