Friday, July 3, 2009

You guys are terrible

So from your resounding silence, I've decided to let you look at some of the pictures on the open gallery. I can't show you all of them due to security reasons but I will put one up every few weeks or so. There are also some pictures which can never be shown to you guys because of the possible risks that they might entail.

You can find the pictures at

I'm still leaving up the rest of the pictures on the other account on the chance that you will want to look at all of them. Just email me and you can see the rest of the 400+ photos.

This is the Peace Corps so you may need to make some inconvenient concessions. (see what I did there? I turned it around to include you guys.)



  1. We're lazy. You need to download a few pics to this blog :-)

  2. I love seeing these pictures thanks

  3. I blame you for this. Shame on you.

  4. i totally missed your last post... i refuse to be labeled 'terrible' for that.

    also, you have my email already. so just plug it in.