Monday, May 18, 2009


A bunch of things but first a disclaimer:


Okay. With that out of the way, I can continue the blog.

I am currently writing from the bar at the Holiday Inn at Georgetown. Spent the weekend walking around the Mall and am exhausted as hell. I got to see Lydia, Flannery, Dawn and Donnie though. That was a whole lot of fun. We had dinner.

So today was the very long staging orientation. It was very long. The first two hours were about icebreaking and PC common knowledge. We went around answering questions about the PC: What are the three goals of the Peace Corps? When was the Peace Corps founded? Who is the current head? There were also questions about ourselves such as: What skills do you bring to the table? (Not in those words but close enough)

Then we made posters and did Public Service Announcements. All in all, a standard day in my life.

Tomorrow I head out into the world. It'll be fucking great. I've met a good chunk of the rest of the volunteers and they all seem really cool. I had dinner with a bunch of them at a Thai restaurant near the hotel. Decent enough end to my time here.

Now referring back to my heading, I have a bunch of things I should explain. Due to security reasons I cannot tell you that the 60ish of us are heading to small town called [redacted] for [undiscloseable] days. There we will be doing [stuff]. I can, however, give the names of the towns other things. For instance, I could tell you that we're all going to Paris. That is a bold-faced lie but I'm sticking to it. I'll also be attempting to keep the names of the other volunteers secret as well as the people in these towns.

One last thing: This may be the last time I'm updating the blog for at least a week. Please keep checking back just in case and leave a comment if you can. It lets me know people are reading my blog.

Maybe you guys can come visit me in a few months.




  1. here :-)
    Maybe the 'f' word didn't have to be spelt out? LOL

    Sounds like you had a loooong day...looking forward to the many more blogs.

  2. i had fun this weekend too!! i'm glad that things went will today and good luck on your flight to bulgaria!


  3. See, that's why parents shouldn't write on walls. It makes me feel like I have to censor myself.

  4. Don't listen to her Zack! What's she gonna do...ground you??

    Good Luck and Have FUN! Can't wait to read more :)

  5. Just saying hi--hope your flight is good.

  6. Hi Zack Jo and I are logging on daily. We are impressed by your writing skills. Sounds like you are having a blast. You are young....enjoy!!!! Hope you are keeping a diary of your travels!!

  7. That orientation sounds exactly like the one Hopkins has me do every summer to teach those precocious little children... and which I'll be doing again in less than a week.